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  • 23 Jun

    How Off the Plan Buying Works, Pros and Cons

    Have you ever wondered how off the plan buying works and if it’s really the right decision for you and your family? If you don’t know what “off the plan” means, it’s simply referring to buying a home or unit before it’s been built. Many property developers make properties available for sale before they’re finished or before construction has begun and allow buyers to purchase based on the floor plans and renderings or  show unit. When you’re considering buying off plan, the... Read More
  • 2 Jun

    House, Townhouse, or Apartment—Know the Difference in Growth

    Whether a house, townhouse, or apartment is a better investment has been a long-standing debate. There’s definitely a difference in opinion among landlords. If we’re not debating about when the best time to consider investing is, we’re debating about what we should invest in. Some investors believe that the value of a property is in the value of the land, therefore, they firmly believe that a house is the best investment. Others believe that individual characteristics such as locatio... Read More
  • 26 May

    Difference Between a Depreciating Asset vs an Appreciating Asset

    Depreciating Assets vs Appreciating Assets When you’re interested in investing, there’s a lot of terminology that gets thrown around in conversation, in articles, and in the news, making it challenging to keep everything straight. It can be especially challenging if you’re a first-time investor trying to successfully navigate the investing world. Two such terms you might have heard are ‘depreciating assets’ and ‘appreciating assets.’ So, what are they? If you’re not f... Read More
  • 12 May

    When is the Best Time to Consider Investing?

    Fear and Obsessive “Timing of the Market” Can Steal Great Investment Opportunities Knowing when to get serious about investing and grab hold of an opportunity can be tricky for first-time investors. In fact, many seasoned investors miss great opportunities, because they’re so consumed with timing the property market forecasts that they don’t actually jump in and invest. Many investors or would-be investors hold back out of fear of making an unwise investment. Then, when someone ... Read More
  • 5 May

    Negative Gearing Vs Positive Gearing: Which is best for you?

    Do you understand how negative gearing vs positive gearing impacts your investment strategy? Negative gearing and positive gearing are two terms commonly talked about in the world of property investing. Some of you may have a good understanding of these concepts, but if you’re a first-time investor learning the basics of property investment, you may not. In order to determine whether a property investment suits your investment strategy, it’s important to grasp what negative gearing and... Read More
  • 21 Apr

    The Benefits of Investing

    The Benefits of Investing Purchasing property to rent out as a passive source of income is a highly attractive investment option for many Australians. While there are advantages and disadvantages to property investment, let’s talk about the benefits of investing in bricks and mortar. Regular cash flow—Rental income can provide additional cash flow(money in your pockets). Pay down your mortgage—At the very least, if the rent you charge just covers your mortgage, your tenants are pa... Read More
  • 14 Apr

    Melbourne’s 12 month Forecast of Property Market and Developments

    Melbourne Growth to Ease The Melbourne property market experienced double-digit price growth in 2015 and has experienced a growth cycle for the past three-and-a-half years, but this main market’s growth is set to cool in 2016. John Symond, Chairman of Aussie Home Loans, indicated that the ease in growth will be a “welcome cooling off period” for buyers, giving them breathing space and allowing them to take their time choosing the best home or apartment for their lifestyle needs and a... Read More
  • 7 Apr

    Top Yielding Inner Melbourne Suburbs

    Many Melbourne tenants are paying record-high rents and many renters looking to move to inner city neighbourhoods are  finding it difficult to find a home. Despite record-high rents, however, in some Melbourne inner city neighbourhoods rent is getting cheaper. In others, rent has barely moved, which means some pockets of the inner city are better for tenants and others are better for investors. In Brunswick, rent has fallen on one bedroom units from a median weekly rent of $330 to $300. I... Read More
  • 31 Mar

    Your Super Alone Will Not Be Enough for Retirement

    The very notion that your super alone may not be enough for retirement can be scary—terrifying, even. But, for many it won’t be enough to live comfortably on. Australians who are under the impression that $1 million will provide a comfortable nest egg upon retirement may be in for a rude awakening. While it might have at one time, in the current interest rate environment $1 million will provide roughly $1,300 a fortnight, which is about the same as the government pension. Many individu... Read More
  • 24 Mar

    Planting the Seed of Your Financial Growth for Your Family Tree

    As parents, we want our children to be happy, healthy, successful, and financially secure. Many Australians view buying a property as a solid investment they can pass down to their children. Taking it a step further, many buy investment properties for their children. While this is a different approach than buying a family home that you’ll live in, it provides even greater capital growth potential if you view it as a long-term investment you’re holding for quite a substantial amount of tim... Read More
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