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How it Works

Personal Appraisal

A member of the Nicholas Scott team will meet with you to outline the full list of benefits available through our residential investments. They will also help you define your financial goals and provide a detailed assessment of your current financial situation.

Meeting with a Finance Specialist

One of our two experienced financial experts will meet with you, in confidence, to discuss your options for structuring your investments and minimising mortgage repayments. Your financial advice is tailored to your individual requirements to ensure your investment and finances are a perfect fit for you.

Investment Selection

Using extensive market knowledge, your dedicated consultant and property advisor will guide you through the properties that will yield the highest return and that best align with your financial goals. They will also educate you in identifying profitable investments to help you make smart and savvy investment decisions of your own.

Why Invest in Property?
"Smart investors
don't buy realestate
   they buy time!"
Australian Property tax specialist and author, Ed Chad
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Why Invest in Property

Why invest in residential property now?

Quite simply, there has never been a better time to make a long-term investment in Melbourne’s property market. Residential property prices continue to soar each year and when it comes to capital gains, investment properties are proven high performers. Property is solid, reliable and isn’t subject to the same market fluctuations that impact share prices and other avenues of investment.

A Tailored, Measured Approach

We pour our energy into laying the foundations for your future as a smart, successful investor. It’s important to educate you about the intricacies of property investment and we take the time to conduct a thorough review of your financial situation before providing a comprehensive analysis of your current and future investment potential.

Contact us now for a one on one appointment.

Property Investments

What We Do

Nicholas Scott’s team of property advisors and managers are experts at securing Melbourne real estate for people looking to grow their wealth through property investment.

How We Do It

We combine unmatched knowledge of Melbourne’s property market with exceptional customer service and investor support. We provide guidance at every step of the investment process, from the initial consultation through to the completion of your purchase or sale, while ensuring you receive key market insights and expert advice tailored specifically to your goals.


Investment News

How Off the Plan Buying Works, Pros and Cons

Have you ever wondered how off the plan buying works and if it’s really the right decision for you and your family? If you don’t know what “off the plan” means, it’s simply referring to buying a home or unit before it’s been built. Many property developers make properties available for sale before they’re finished or before construction has begun and allow buyers to purchase based on the floor plans and renderings or  show unit. When you’re considering buying off plan, there are some important things to know before you start looking. Beyond just the “how to buy” you...

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